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Defending Health Care in 2017

ACA Repeal Defeated in Senate, July 2017

A vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a “skinny repeal” bill failed in the early morning hours of Friday, July 28.

The months of phone calls, rallies, and online advocacy, your voices were instrumental to securing this massive victory for our health care system.

Just because the vote is over does not mean that our health care is safe.

The Trump Administration still has the ability to sabotage the Affordable Care Act in multiple ways and Medicaid cuts are still possible in states. Sign up to get the latest updates in the weeks and months ahead.

September 2017: We Defeated Graham-Cassidy!

Thanks to your calls, email, and participation in rallies, Republican leaders in the Senate were forced to abandon this disastrous attempt to reverse the progress on health care and coverage under the Affordable Care Act. 

Learn why Graham-Cassidy is worse than previous repeal bills:

December 2017: Congress passes tax bill that cuts taxes by kicking people off health coverage 

In late December, Republicans in Congress passed a tax bill that will threaten the health care of millions. 

Our press statement: Republicans in Congress Pass Tax Bill that Will Destabilize Health Insurance and Sets the Stage to Dismantle Federal Support for Working Families and the Elderly