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Prescription Drugs

Lowering Prescription Drug Prices

Consumers across America and the health care system itself cannot continue to bear the burden of high and rising prescription drug costs. Federal action is necessary to ensure that access to life-saving medicines is guaranteed for all.

This federal action will only occur with a strategic, multifaceted, long-term consumer-oriented policy campaign to capitalize on political opportunities and build sustained momentum for change. States can also make meaningful impact to lower the costs of prescription drugs. Many states are already leading the way on prescription drug reform by enacting policies for prescription drug price transparency, pharmacy benefit manager protections, protections from price gouging, and more.

Laying the foundation to tackle rising prescription drug prices

Families USA is working on the foundation for a coordinated, sustained national campaign to address, at the federal level, rising prescription drug prices and diminished innovation by drug companies. On the state level, Families USA is working with our partners across the country to enact reforms to address this critical health care issue for consumers, including through our Prescription Drug Pricing Collaborative for state advocates.