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Families USA wins the “Community” Category in the 2020 Consumer Excellence Awards

Each year, Consumer Action presents three Consumer Excellence Awards as part of its annual anniversary celebration. On Wednesday, Sept. 30, with the 2020 theme of “Health Is Wealth,” the consumer education and advocacy organization will honor three health-related champions from the regulatory, nonprofit and media worlds. This year, Consumer Action will host its 49th Anniversary Consumer Excellence Awards.

View Families USA’s Press Release on the Award: Families USA Wins the “Community” Category in the 2020 Consumer Excellence Awards

Families USA’s Executive Director, Frederick Isasi’s speech can be seen starting at the 5:45 mark.

[Excerpt below taken from Consumer Action Press Release]

Families USA

In our “community” category, we recognize Families USA for its tireless efforts to identify solutions to improve healthcare coverage for our nation’s families; for engaging a broad network of stakeholders representing consumers and industry; and for its willingness to reach out to leaders on both sides of the aisle to tackle healthcare problems facing our nation. We applaud Families USA for fostering a diverse coalition of partners that can share best practices and strategies for expanding coverage for low-income people and other vulnerable populations and promote access to adequate healthcare coverage and health care for consumers of all socio-economic levels.

Consumer Action can speak firsthand to the huge influence of Families USA in passage of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. (President Barack Obama himself credited Families USA with helping to implement and protect the historic health legislation.) Leading up to the Affordable Care Act, Consumer Action relied on Families USA’s expertise and leadership of the grassroots coalitions that won the most significant expansion of healthcare coverage since Medicare and Medicaid. Now, we follow its work closely in order to keep our constituents apprised of the latest developments in healthcare policy.

Accepted by: Frederick Isasi, executive director of Families USA

Guest presenter: David Balto, Law Offices of David A. Balto