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Health Justice Now Webinar Series

Webinar Series Overview

While affordable health care for all is essential, we can’t forget the broader health justice movement to ensure that no one is left behind, no matter their race, wealth, or language.

On April 12, Families USA launched a new webinar series, “Health Justice Now,” in an effort to elevate health equity. This ongoing series will showcase a variety of health justice content and resources from Families USA’s 2022 Health Action Conference and other initiatives. Topics for the webinar series include vaccine equity, reproductive justice, federal health equity priorities, and state-level recommendations on health equity.  More topics will follow.

We hope you will join our upcoming webinar events and help us advocate for changes in policy that make affordable, quality health care a reality for all.

This webinar series is closed to media.

Upcoming Schedule

For more information about this work, please see our recent publication.

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Completed Webinars

Part 10: Health Justice Webinar  

Achieving the Gold Standard of Care: Transforming Pregnancy-related Medicaid Coverage to be More Holistic and Patient-centered.
Wednesday, May 22nd


Emily Barney,​ Doula Co-Founder & Executive Director, ​ DOULA CO-OP of Nevada
Sarah Hodin Krinsky, M.P.H.,​ Deputy Director of Perinatal and Maternal Health Policy, ​ MassHealth
Linda Streitfeld, M.P.H., ​
Project Lead, Transforming Maternal Health Model, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation








Krista Gon, M.P.H.,​
Senior Policy Analyst, ​
Families USA
Mackenzie Marshall, M.P.H.,​
Government Relations Manager, ​
Families USA
Alicia Camaliche, M.S.W.,​
Policy Analyst, ​
Families USA







Part 9: Health Justice Webinar  

Dismantling the Stigmas: Caring for survivors of domestic violence and addressing mental health in Latino/Latinx communities
Thursday, December 8th


Jennifer Haddad Bell, Program Consultant, Futures Without Violence
Juan I. Prandoni, Training Director – La Mesita Latino Mental Health Provider Network, El Futuro






Part 8: Reproductive Justice Webinar  

Reproductive Health on the Line: Preparing for 2023 (Session II)
Wednesday, September 28th

The recording and materials for this webinar will not be posted on our website. To request access, please email with the subject title: Reproductive Justice Webinar.

Part 7: Peer Support Webinar:

Effective Use of Peer Supports in Behavioral Health Care and Crisis Intervention

Tuesday, September 12th


Keris Jän Myrick, Vice President of Partnerships, Inseparable
Dr. Paul Pfeiffer, MD, MS, Susan Crumpacker Brown Research Professor of Depression and Director of the Mental Health Innovation, Services and Outcomes Program (MHISO), U-Michigan Department of Psychiatry.
Caren Howard, Director of Policy and Advocacy, Mental Health America
Patrick Corrigan, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Illinois Institute of Technology


Part 6: Community Health Workers Webinar:

The Path to Sustainable Financing for Community Health Workers

Thursday, June 23rd


Mar Velez, State Policy Senior Manager, Latino Coalition for a Healthy California
Richard Medina, Linkage to Care Specialist/Community Health Worker, Montefiore Health System
Maria Lemus, founding Executive Director of Visión y Compromiso
Shannon Lijewski, CEO, Everyday Life Consulting; Founder, The Rural Community Health Worker Network


Part 5: AAPI Heritage Month Webinar

A Conversation with AAPI Health Advocates

Tuesday, May 24th


Kevin Han, Strategic Partnerships Associate, Families USA
Azizah Ahmad, JD, Policy & Community Advocacy Manager, Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF)
Samikshya Sapkota, Behavioral Health Coordinator, Asian American Health Initiative (AAHI)
Yingjia Huang, Assistant Deputy Director of Health Care Benefits and Eligibility, California Department of Health Care Services
Sarah Liu, Public Health Program Coordinator, Hamkae Center







Part 4: Elevating Community Voices Webinar 

Community Voices: How State Policymakers Can Advance Health Equity
Tuesday, May 12th


Shyloe Jones, Senior Manager, Health Equity, Families USA
Cheryl Fish-Parcham, Director, Access Initiatives, Families USA
Enjolie Lafaurie, Cihuapactli Collective
Gabriella Barbosa, Managing Director of Policy, The Children’s Partnership
Lee Che Leong, Policy Analyst, NoHLA






Part 3: Reproductive Justice Webinar  

Abortion Laws: A Public Health Crisis (Session I)
Thursday, May 5th

The recording and materials for this webinar will not be posted on our website. To request access, please email with the subject title: Reproductive Justice Webinar.

Part 2: Vaccine Equity Research Webinar 

Community Voice and Equitable Policymaking: Lessons Learned from COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution
Tuesday, April 26th


Natalia Victoria, Senior Director of Engagements, Symphonic Strategies
Jashawn Frederick, Consultant, Symphonic Strategies
Lauren Rosenbaum, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Families USA
Audrey Richardson, Policy Analyst, Families USA


Part 1: Health Equity Task Force Federal Priorities Webinar

Advancing Equity in 2022: Administrative Priorities and What’s Next on the Legislative Landscape
Tuesday, April 12th


Shyloe Jones, Senior Manager, Health Equity, Families USA
Mackenzie Marshall, Federal Relations Associate, Families USA