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11.18.2021 / Statement

America’s families are watching: Families USA urges House passage of landmark Build Back Better Act

WASHINGTON, DC – Families USA Executive Director Frederick Isasi released the following statement today in advance of the House of Representatives vote on the Build Back Better Act:

“It’s time for members of Congress to show their constituents whose side they’re on: families who struggle every day to make a decent life, or billionaires and Big Pharma CEOs who have rigged the system with their campaign contributions. Our nation’s families don’t want incremental change that’s watered down by corporate lobbyists. They want problems solved.

“By passing the historic Build Back Better bill today, the House of Representatives is tackling some of the most important problems families face. That includes cutting taxes for working and middle class families, supporting child and elder care, making college more affordable, providing job training, and making the largest investment in battling climate change in our nation’s history.

“Build Back Better is one of the most significant efforts in America’s history to make health care much more affordable and accessible to all. No one’s health should depend on their wealth, the color of their skin, or where they live. Despite their legion of lobbyists’ best efforts, we are finally tackling drug companies’ greed and sky-high prices. Vulnerable families in states that have refused to expand Medicaid will now have coverage. Families buying health insurance on the insurance marketplaces will have significantly lower costs. Children will be able to stay enrolled in our health care programs for a full year without disruption. And new moms and babies across our nation will have vital support to ensure comprehensive health care.

“The people of America are watching. Any member of Congress who opposes this legislation will be on the record putting greed ahead of our families’ needs. A vote for this legislation will be in favor of one of the most important health care bills in our nation’s history. Passing Build Back Better will be proof positive that our democracy is working and families’ needs are more important than corporate interests. After the House passes this legislation I urge the Senate to follow their lead and finish the job by passing a bill that is as strong as what the House passes.”