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06.26.2017 / Press Release

CBO Confirms that Senate Backroom Negotiations Result in Reprehensible Health Care Bill

Washington, D.C. –   Despite yet another version of the repeal legislation being released, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) today confirmed that the Senate Republican legislation would cut health care for poor and middle income people in exchange for billions of dollars in tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, cause 22 million to lose their health care coverage and cut Medicaid by $772 billion.

Following is the statement of Frederick Isasi, Executive Director of Families USA:

“The CBO’s nonpartisan analysis confirms that yet another version of the health care repeal legislation brings devastating harm to millions of people in our country. The analysis shows why the bill’s authors have attempted to hide the damage the bill would do to families. The legislation destroys Medicaid protections for children, seniors and people with disabilities, strips coverage from millions of people, and drives up out-of-pocket health care costs for millions more. And all to provide a tax cut for the nation’s wealthy and corporations.

“Republicans in both chambers of Congress have now produced ACA repeal legislation that would simply devastate our health care system. Instead of working across the aisle to actually expand coverage and reduce consumer costs, the GOP Leadership in Congress have chosen a path that will deny life-sustaining care to some of our nation’s most vulnerable individuals. And the impact of this irresponsible legislation will be felt for decades as it cripples states’ budgets and their ability to maintain other services and programs that are central to our democracy like education, social services, and infrastructure.”

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