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12.12.2018 / Press Release

Families USA executive director Frederick Isasi’s statement on the December 2018 partial federal government shutdown

“It’s appalling. At a time when families across the country are coming together to celebrate our most cherished holidays, President Trump and Congress cannot reach a basic agreement. The Trump administration and Congress must work past this deadlock so that the U.S. government may function.”

“The failure of the Trump administration and members of Congress to reach a compromise to keep America “open” is unfathomable, and jeopardizes the basic services on which all families across the nation rely.

“Thankfully, coverage through the Medicare and Medicaid programs will continue. However, the basic functions of these programs are at stake as the government closure continues. For example, as government employees are prevented from doing their jobs it will be harder for doctors and other providers to enroll in Medicare and other government programs, which means access for our nation’s families will be at risk. Further, the ability of families to receive maternal and child health and public health services, as well as basic food security, all hang in the balance.

“We are disappointed that President Trump and elected officials could not perform the most basic aspects of their jobs and are risking the disruption of vital programs.”