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04.06.2017 / Press Release

House Rules Committee Continues Health Reform Charade

New Amendment to Same Old Bill that Continues to be Bad for America

Washington, D.C. – This afternoon, the House Rules Committee will consider a new amendment to the American Health Care Act (AHCA). Earlier this morning, a leaked draft of the amendment began circulating. The proposed amendment related to reinsurance would do relatively nothing to address the profound concerns about the legislation voiced by health policy experts and the nation. This is clearly just an effort by the House GOP leadership to keep the bill alive as members get ready to head home for the two-week spring recess. Following is the statement from Families USA Executive Director Frederick Isasi on the amendment:

“House Republicans are trying to put a Band-Aid on a terrible proposal. This is a call to arms for the overwhelming majority of people in America who have repeatedly told the Republicans in town hall meetings, letters, social media, and phone calls to back off attempts to take health insurance away from millions while weakening the quality of coverage and driving up prices for millions more.

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“Last month’s repeal effort failed after the nation raised its voice in opposition. This week’s attempt by the Trump administration and House Republicans to revive their repeal effort also failed and this amendment is simply an attempt to pretend they are actually doing something before their upcoming trips back home to face their constituents.

“Poll after poll shows the majority of people in America do not like the House Republicans’ capricious and ill-designed bill that guts private coverage protections for many families and Medicaid coverage for vulnerable, low-income families. This amendment will not change that. We will use the two-week spring recess to drive home the emphatic message the public has clearly delivered – leave our health care alone.”