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02.24.2017 / Press Release

Leaked Republican Health Plan: More Expensive, Less Coverage

Tax Credits Boon to Wealthy But Hurts Working and Low-Income Families

Washington, D.C.– A leaked draft of House Republican’s health care repeal ideas today began circulating that shows that Republicans are going down a path that would harm consumers and ration care. Following is the statement of Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA, on the Republican plan:

“We now see the reason Republicans have been working to keep their agenda a secret because it rations health care and leaves millions of working families with the choice of either more expensive coverage that buys less care – or no coverage at all.

This leaked Republican proposal, if enacted, would put us on a destructive path that would decimate the safety-net Medicaid program for over 72 million people; drastically reduce premium subsidies for working families; and cause out-of-pocket health costs to soar.

Republican legislators should take heed of what they are hearing in town hall meetings across America and think very carefully about what they are being asked to do. This is not a replacement plan, but a harmful path to health care destruction.”