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02.12.2018 / Press Release

Trump Budget Priorities Are a Déjà Vu Attack on Critical Health Programs, Running Directly Counter to What Families in America Need and Want

FY’19 Budget Outlines Devastating Vision of Cuts to Health and Safety Net Programs

Washington, D.C. – Today, President Trump released his proposed FY 2019 budget to Congress. View our short analysis of the budget. Following is the statement of Lisa Shapiro, Chief of Staff and Director of Children’s Policy at Families USA:

“The budget released by President Trump is a true reflection of his distorted vision for America’s health care. It is a continuation of precisely the same destructive policies to take away health care that failed in the face of massive public opposition in Congress last year. It is baffling how disconnected the president is from what poll after poll show families in America really want — comprehensive health insurance that provides financial security and reduces their out-of-pocket health care costs.

“President Trump’s vision for health care fails on every count – it reduces choice, raises premiums, dramatically increases the number of uninsured, and guts protections for people with pre-existing conditions. It includes hundreds of billions in devastating cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, and Marketplace coverage that would reduce families’ access to quality, affordable health care and take away coverage from millions of children and families. The only meaningful difference between Trump’s health care proposals this year and last year is that his current proposal comes on the heels of signing into law trillions of dollars in permanent tax breaks for the wealthy and large corporations.

“When it comes to taking away people’s access to health care, unfortunately you can count on this president to follow through on his promises. After the Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson bill collapsed last September, the President promised to bring it back, and he is proudly and explicitly doing that in this budget proposal. America’s families have repeatedly opposed this ill-conceived scheme that would harm millions of families’ health care and destabilize one-sixth of the American economy, yet President Trump is continuing to ignore their calls for high-quality, affordable health care.

“President Trump’s budget also claims to lower the cost of prescription drugs for consumers and for the Medicare and Medicaid programs. But these proposals are a giant cop-out; they do nothing to meaningfully address the sky-high and ever-increasing prices pharmaceutical corporations set for prescription drugs.

“Contrary to its claims, President Trump’s budget provides no meaningful relief for middle class families who are tired of politicians playing games with their health coverage. American families want stability and affordability in their health care not cuts and empty promises.”



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