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02.27.2017 / Press Release

Trump Meets with Health Insurance Executives and Outlines Plans that would be a Catastrophe for Consumers

Pushes Old Ideas That Have Never Worked

Washington, D.C. – President Trump met today with the executives of several large insurance companies and told them that this would be a “catastrophic” year for the Affordable Care Act (ACA). He said his plan to replace the ACA, which he will outline in his address to Congress Tuesday, will rely heavily on Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), allowing insurance to sell across state lines, and giving states “flexibility.” Following is the statement of Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA, on the President’s meeting.

“The President’s plan for repealing the Affordable Care Act would be a disaster. Without an adequate replacement, millions of people will lose both their insurance and the consumer protections this historic law provides, leaving consumers once again to the mercies of the insurance executives the President chose to meet with.

“The President has promised ‘coverage for everybody,’ but all we have seen from him are old ideas that have never worked. If he were to enact his plan, premiums for millions of working families and those with pre-existing conditions would skyrocket and price them out of the market. The President needs to listen to the stories of these people, who have been speaking out in town halls across the country, and not just insurance executives.”