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Addressing Rural Seniors’ Unmet Needs for Oral Health Care

Cheryl Fish-Parcham (Families USA), Melissa Burroughs (Families USA), Eric P. Tranby (Dentaquest Partnerhsip for Oral Health Advancement), Avery R. Brow (Dentaquest Partnership for Oral Health Advance...

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Prescription Drug Price Gouging: Maryland’s Landmark Law Protects Consumers

There is no shortage of reports of prescription drug companies hiking the prices of life-saving medicines by 100, 1000, even 10,000 percent, sometimes overnight. Consumers have seen drastic price inc...

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Closing the Medicare Part D Doughnut Hole: The End Is in Sight!

The meaning of the 2012 election results will probably be debated for months, if not years. But a few things are clear. Nearly everyone agrees that President Obama's reelection means that the Affordab...

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The CREATES Act Helps Tackle Prescription Drug Costs

High and rising prescription drug prices force consumers to skip doses or even avoid filling their prescriptions for life-saving medications altogether. Now is the perfect time for Congress to finall...

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Snapshot of Health Policy in 2018 State Legislative Sessions

Many state legislatures are passing the midpoint for 2018 sessions, and trends are emerging in their efforts to tackle health care affordability and coverage. States are also reacting to federal...

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Learnings in Leadership: Broderick Crawford, Kansas City, Kansas

Broderick Crawford is the President of NBC Community Development Corporation, founded by the New Bethel Church to serve the Wyandotte County community in Kansas. He has been working in health care for...

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