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2019 State Paths to Better Health Care

By Patrick Willard, Claire McAndrew,


This webinar discusses the latest strategies that state leaders and advocates are pursuing to improve the health care system for consumers. Families USA’s invited guests and expert staff share leading 2019 state health policy proposals and discuss lessons from them that can be applied in all states.

Featured Speakers Include:

  • Tam Ma, Deputy Legislative Secretary, Office of California Governor Gavin Newsom
  • Jessie Mandle, Senior Health Policy Analyst, Voices for Utah Children
  • Claire McAndrew, Director of Campaigns and Partnerships, Families USA
  • Patrick Willard, Senior Director of Strategic State and National Partnerships, Families USA

Speakers cover an overview of what states are doing to improve health care in 2019 from efforts to tackle prescription drug prices to proposals that would expand coverage to thousands more people.

Families USA also unveils our 2019 Agenda for Improving Health Care Coverage, Equity, and Value in the States, a new tool for advocates and policymakers.