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A 50-State Look at Medicaid Expansion


Update 11/07/18: Three states, Idaho, Nebraska, and Utah, passed ballot measures to expand Medicaid.

Update 11/01/18: Enrollment begins in Virginia’s Medicaid expansion; coverage starts January 1, 2019.

One of the most important–and popular–provisions of the Affordable Care Act is the expansion of health coverage to low-income families through the Medicaid program. In the 37 states (including D.C.) that have expanded Medicaid, many of those who benefit are hard-working people in low-wage jobs that do not offer health insurance—like waiters and waitresses, sales clerks, cooks, and home health aides. Here are basic facts about where states stand on Medicaid expansion, along with states to watch.

Opponents of the Medicaid expansion are trying to restrict who can get coverage through the use of special waiver requests submitted to the federal government. Learn more about which states are using these Section 1115 Medicaid waivers to modify their program.

View the methodology behind these numbers.