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A Census Undercount Could Damage People’s Health Care

By Stan Dorn,


Many factors could prevent numerous communities from fully participating in the 2020 Census. These factors include underfunded Census outreach, a proposed Census question asking about citizenship, and broader policy changes that could increase immigrants’ fears about responding to the Census. Without vigorous action to prevent a significant undercount, states will suffer major cuts to federal health care funding, with grim results for health care and other critical state services.

Read the Families USA fact sheet to find out:
  1. Why a Census undercount would deny states enormous amounts of federal funding—especially for Medicaid
  2. How much federal health care money each state could lose from a Census undercount
  3. How these funding losses would put health care at risk for seniors, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable state residents
  4. How Medicaid cuts that result from a Census undercount could take away employment and damage our common health care infrastructure that serves all residents
  5. Where to learn more about (1) the need for a 2020 Census that counts everyone and (2) how you can help combat emerging threats to a complete and accurate Census.