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Consumers for Fair Hospital Pricing Legislative Agenda


The high and rising cost of hospital care is a leading driver of our nation’s health care affordability and quality crisis. Nearly half of all Americans have reported having to forgo medical care due to cost, and over 100 million people in America are experiencing record levels of medical debt. Due to decades of unchecked health care industry consolidation and anti-competitive business practices, hospitals and large hospital systems are setting inflated and irrational prices that have little to do with the actual cost or quality of the care they offer. Fundamentally, the business interests of the hospital sector are at odds with the health and financial security of our nation’s families.

The time for change is now!

Consumers for Fair Hospital Pricing, a coalition of leading organizations representing families, individuals and health care consumers, has developed a set of legislative policy priorities that focuses on three key areas that are critical to making hospital care higher quality and more affordable for our nation’s families.

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