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Health Insurance Options for African Americans


In user-friendly language, this simple brochure explains how the Affordable Care Act improves health coverage for African Americans, including affordable coverage options.

Improvements to health insurance:

  • No more copayments for preventive care
  • Safeguards to prevent unfair premium increases
  • Coverage for adult children
  • Medicare prescription drug savings

Affordable coverage options:

  • Consumers can shop for and compare plans in the health insurance marketplaces.
  • One application gets consumers the health coverage and financial assistance they need.
  • Consumers can apply online or by phone, and there are trained helpers to provide assistance.
  • Consumers with low incomes may qualify for Medicaid.
  • For consumers with middle incomes, financial help is available on a sliding scale to help pay for a plan.

Co-produced with the NAACP and the National Urban League.