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Medicaid Expansion Boosts State Economies

By Dee Mahan,


In 2013, we reached out to many states that were actively engaged in the Medicaid expansion debate. These states faced an important decision: whether or not to accept federal dollars to provide health coverage to their uninsured residents through Medicaid.

A state’s decision to expand Medicaid has profound implications for the thousands of residents who stand to gain coverage: These residents will have access to affordable health care, many for the first time. In addition, the data we examined show that Medicaid expansion benefits the states economically. For example, the new federal funds that become available stimulate the economy, create new jobs, and improve the financial health of hospitals.

To take advantage of these benefits, state leaders must choose to expand Medicaid. These reports look at the potential impact of a Medicaid expansion on jobs and economic activity in the states listed.