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Testimony Before the House Oversight and Reform Committee on Texas v. United States


In this July 10, 2019 testimony before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, Frederick Isasi, Executive Director at Families USA, discusses the disastrous effects on families across this nation if federal judges choose to strike down the Affordable Care Act in the Texas v. United States lawsuit.

In Texas v. United States, 18 states are asking unelected federal judges to repeal the ACA, the most significant domestic policy legislation enacted by Congress in generations. If this suit succeeds, 20 million people in America will lose health insurance. Millions who retain coverage will experience skyrocketing health care costs while vital consumer protections are ripped away from people with preexisting conditions, women, older adults, and others who need health care.

The testimony focuses on six populations impacted by a repeal of the ACA:

  • People enrolled the individual market
  • The uninsured
  • People enrolled in employer-sponsored insurance
  • Rural residents
  • America’s veterans
  • Medicare beneficiaries