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Thursday 30 Social Toolkit


Updated: 9/16/21

“Thursday 30” – Every Thursday at 12pm ET 

It’s time to ramp up the pressure on our nation’s leaders to ensure health and health care are prioritized in the next recovery package. Join us for a “Thursday 30” Twitterstorm using the hashtag #UniteForHealthCare every Thursday at noon ET starting on June 10 until a bill with a significant focus on health priorities is passed and signed into law.

Thursday 30 Storyteller Graphics: 


Suggested Tweets Table of Contents:

  1. Unity
  2. Expanding Coverage/Lowering Costs/Marketplace Affordability
  3. Medicaid
  4. Oral Health
  5. Surprise Medical Bills
  6. Prescription Drugs
  7. Health Equity
  8. General Health Care



  • Congress has an historic chance to lower #HealthCare costs & ensure that everyone can achieve & maintain good health. It’s time for Congress to rise to the occasion & prove that they can still pass legislation that makes a real difference across the country. #UniteForHealthCare
  • The one thing that unites voters across party lines is the idea that Washington doesn’t do anything. Failing to pass the #BuildBackBetter Act proves them right. Congress MUST seize the moment to lower the cost of #HealthCare for millions of people in America. #UniteForHealthCare
  • Americans took to the streets & the ballot box last year to voice their support for moving America closer to being a country where everyone can live long, healthy lives. Passing the #BuildBackBetter Act is a critical step in ensuring this promise is fulfilled. #UniteForHealthCare
  • The choice before us right now is between capitalizing on this opportunity to lower #HealthCare costs for millions of people in America and another decade of stalemate and inaction. Congress MUST pass the #BuildBackBetter Act. #UniteForHealthCare 


Please also use Suggested Tweets from the Oral Health section, the Medicaid section, and the Prescription Drug section.

  • In 2022, [insert # amount from page 10 of the report] of [insert state here] would gain #HealthInsurance due to the American Rescue Plan. [insert congressperson handle], we are counting on you to ensure these people can retain the health insurance they have.
  • Families across America have saved 40% off of their monthly premiums because Congress took action earlier this year. @POTUS wants to extend them so we can #BuildBackBetter. Congress needs to make them permanent. #BuildBackBetter
  • Congress can lower #HealthCare premiums if they pass the #BuildBackBetter plan. @POTUS wants it. We want it. Let’s get it done.
  • 53% of people told @KFF they are worried about their ability to afford their #HealthInsurance deductible – BEFORE #COVID19! Congress can do something about this, now let’s get it done!
  • Families across America have saved 40% off of their monthly premiums because of enhanced tax credits in the American Rescue Plan, which @POTUS has proposed to extend as part of his #BuildBackBetter Agenda. Congress needs to make these tax credits permanent.


  • Congress can make sure that [insert # amount from page 16] more people in [insert state] get health insurance. Tell [insert congressperson handle], we need #MedicaidExpansion in [insert state] now!
  • #MedicaidExpansion has been crucial to making sure more people get #HealthCare. Most states have expanded the number of low-income adults who are eligible. The rest need to so more ppl have insurance, better access to care and everyone has lower costs. #UniteForHealthCare
  • In states that haven’t expanded #Medicaid, people who lose their #HealthCare could go bankrupt w/ a trip to the emergency room. Congress must ensure that people in the 12 holdout states have access to the care they need. #UniteForHealthCare [insert graphic]
  • The 12 holdout states’ refusal to expand #Medicaid hurts people of color, who are more likely to earn too little to qualify for Medicaid but not enough for the marketplace, than white residents. This is wrong and we can change it. #UniteForHealthCare  
  • Over 2.2M people, 60% of whom are people of color, fall into the coverage gap of earning too much to qualify for their state’s Medicaid program and not enough to qualify for marketplace subsidies. #UniteForHealthCare  [insert graphic]
  • #Medicaid is a collaboration between the federal and state gov’ts that insures tens of millions of working families, children, pregnant women, seniors & people with disabilities. Without Medicaid, many of these individuals would be uninsured or underinsured #UniteForHealthCare
  • #Medicaid is a success story. It has outlasted 11 presidents and thousands of members of Congress. It has improved and modernized with the times & it is now one of the most popular and reliable parts of our #healthcare system. #UniteForHealthCare
  • #Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (#CHIP) form the backbone of America’s health care safety net, providing #healthcare coverage to a diverse group of more than 80 million people. #UniteForHealthCare
  • Who benefits from #Medicaid & #CHIP? 38M children (nearly 1/2 of all enrollees!) & more than 15M people w/disabilities & low-income seniors. It covers more than half of all births in the country & more than 60% of all nursing home residents. #UniteForHealthCare
  • #MedicaidExpansion has been crucial to making sure more people get health care. Most states have expanded the number of low-income adults who are eligible. This means more insured people, better access to care and a long-term benefit for everyone. #UniteForHealthCare
  • In states that haven’t expanded #Medicaid, people who have health care through their employer and lose it could risk bankruptcy w/ a trip to the emergency room. We need #MedicaidExpansion in every state now! #UniteForHealthCare
  • America is in the throes of a profound crisis: deadly disease, economic downturn & an erosion of families’ financial security. Congress can leverage #Medicaid to combat this crisis by passing a bill to close the #CoverageGap and ensure more people are healthy. #UniteForHealthCare
  • 39 states, plus DC, have expanded Medicaid. That includes ID, ME, NE, OK, UT, VA in just the last three years! To expand access to #healthcare, the last 12 holdouts must pass and implement #MedicaidExpansion! #UniteForHealthCare
  • We’re facing a critical time when states can decide whether fewer people can get health care through Medicaid. @CMSgov needs to make clear that every single person who should be covered stays eligible for #Medicaid coverage. #UniteForHealthCare
  • Thanks to the Missouri Supreme Court, the will of voters will be carried out. Missourians like John, who fell into the #CoverageGap, can now breathe easy knowing he can get the care he needs through #MedicaidExpansion. #UniteForHealthCare


  • [insert # amount from page 6 of the report] people in [insert state] would benefit from adding oral health coverage to Medicare. Tell [insert congressperson handle] it’s time to modernize #Medicare to include an oral health benefit.
  • Adding #DentalCoverage to #Medicare is widely popular with voters of both political parties. A June 2021 poll showed that roughly 85% of voters support it! Now Congress needs to listen to us and get this done. 
  • Dental care is the no.1 medical service that people across America skip due to cost. Adding #DentalCoverage to #Medicare would mean that millions of people could afford necessary #OralHealth care, staying healthier & ensuring lower #HealthCare costs for everyone. [insert graphic]
  • It’s time to add #DentalCoverage to #Medicare. Our health shouldn’t depend on our wealth, but that will only be possible when #OralHealth care is covered too. #MouthsinMedicare #UniteForHealthCare
  • A recent poll from YouGov shows that 9/10 voters believe #dentalcare is a necessary part of overall #healthcare and 55% hold their members of Congress responsible for the current lack of coverage. #UniteForHealthCare #MouthsinMedicare 
  • When asked why #Medicare doesn’t cover dental, voters say it’s because the “gov’t is dysfunctional” & “Congress doesn’t care about older Americans.” It’s time Congress proves them wrong. #MouthsinMedicare #UniteForHealthCare
  • #DentalCare is so expensive without insurance that it is the number one medical service that people in America skip due to the cost. #MouthsinMedicare #UniteForHealthCare
  • #Medicare #OralHealth coverage would mean that over 60M older adults & ppl with disabilities who rely on Medicare would not only be able to afford important #DentalCare, but would also see improvements in overall health & have lower #HealthCare costs.  #UniteForHealthCare
  • Older adults and people with disabilities in [your state] are counting Congress to add #DentalCoverage to #Medicare. Our health depends on it! #MouthsInMedicare #UniteForHealthCare
  • For too long, Cheryl has had to opt for pain meds at the dental clinic instead of real treatment because #OralHealth care is too expensive without insurance. Congress has the opportunity to finally make sure there are #MouthsinMedicare. #UniteForHealthCare
  • For too many people in America like Martha, #OralHealth is too expensive and out of reach. With all her bills to pay and no oral health coverage, Martha needs #MouthsinMedicare. She’s waiting on Congress to act. #UniteForHealthCare 


  • Maryanna had an accident while running & was taken to an out-of-network hospital. When the bills began coming in, she was “in total shock.” Just one of the bills was over $81,000and insurance barely covered anything – leaving her on the hook for over $60,000. #UniteforHealthCare -insert Maryanna’s graphic-
  • Alexis’ daughter was injured so severely while skiing that she had to be airlifted off the slopes. By the time Alexis’ family returned home from the hospital, the air ambulance bill was already in their mailbox, to the tune of $65,000. #UniteforHealthCare -insert Alexis’ graphic-
  • Nicki went to the ER for a health emergency & got stuck with a $10K bill. Her story is familiar to countless consumers who have been hit by a #surprisemedicalbill. We’re grateful to Congress for the #NoSurprisesAct so that no one has to endure what Nicki did! #UniteForHealthCare -insert Nicki’s graphic-
  • While Joclyn was home and recovering from two separate surgeries to implant devices to help her heart pump, the bills started to pile up “from everywhere.” Thanks to the #NoSurprisesAct, horror stories like Joclyn’s may be a thing of the past. #SurpriseMedicalBills. #UniteforHealthCare -insert Joclyn’s graphic-
  • During a routine doctor’s appointment, Andrew’s wife had a seizure. She was transported to a local hospital via ambulance & even though the couple had insurance, the ambulance was deemed medically unnecessary & they were stuck with a huge out-of-network bill. #UniteforHealthCare -insert Andrew’s graphic-
  • Claudia Knafo did everything she could to make sure her surgery was covered by her insurance, but she was still hit with a whopping $101,000 bill. Thanks to the #NoSurprisesAct, horror stories like Claudia’s may be a thing of the past. #SurpriseMedicalBills. #UniteForHealthCare -insert Claudia’s graphic-
  • The #NoSurprisesAct was landmark legislation, but implementation matters. Now that the we know more details, the work begins to ensure we implement it appropriately by fully protecting consumers from #surprisemedicalbills. #UniteForHealthCare
  • Congress has advanced the interest of America’s families in ending #SurpriseMedicalBills with the #NoSurprisesAct. Now we work to ensure that the protections are comprehensive and that the implementation of this bill is done with consumers in mind.
  • Can you imagine getting a #surprisemedicalbill, like the one Charlotte did, during the #COVID19 pandemic when we’re experiencing twin economic and health shocks to our nation’s very core? #UniteForHealthCare
  • Imagine doing everything in your power to ensure a medical procedure, hospital, & doctor are all covered by your insurance. Then in an emergency, you get a doctor who is NOT covered to treat you. Imagine getting a bill you never saw coming. #UniteForHealthCare
  • Nicki went to the ER for a health emergency & got stuck with a $10K bill. Her story is familiar to countless consumers who have been hit by a #surprisemedicalbill. Do you have a story like Nicki’s? Please consider sharing it in the comments or via DM.
  • #SurpriseMedicalBills are a market failure in the #healthcare system where bad actors can exploit families when they are at their most vulnerable. Thankfully, Congress ended these practices with the #NoSurprisesAct, granting consumers the protection they need. #UniteForHealthCare


  • [Insert state] would save [enter amount from page 3 of the report] on #PrescriptionDrugs under the Lower Drug Costs Now Act. [insert congressperson handle], it’s time to include key drug pricing elements of H.R. 3 in the upcoming reconciliation bill.
  • The price of #PrescriptionDrugs is a huge health & economic problem in the US. Almost 1 in 3 people can’t fill #RX due to cost. Nearly 90%, across party lines say they want Congress to act now to lower the price of prescription drugs.
  • To ensure that families don’t forgo meds due to cost, Congress needs to allow #Medicare to negotiate for fair #PrescriptionDrugs prices & enact strong penalties on #BigPharma if they don’t come to agreement with @CMSGov.
  • At the same time that American families are rationing meds and making impossible trade-offs to keep a roof over their heads, companies are increasing #drugprices just because they can. Congress needs to help families and #GoBigOnHealthCare [insert graphic]
  • People like Sa’Ra are in danger of dying when they can’t afford their #prescriptions. No one should have to struggle like this. #EndHighDrugPrices! If you have a healthcare story to tell, please consider sharing it at the following link: #UniteForHealthCare -insert Sa’Ra Skipper’s graphic-
  • After working hard to save for retirement, the cost of life-saving meds shouldn’t ruin that. Sharing stories like this one helps build awareness. If you have a healthcare story to tell, please consider sharing it at the following link: #UniteForHealthCare -insert Maureen Allen’s graphic-
  • #PrescriptionDrug prices are out of control, & @SavannaBraun’s bills are certainly proof. Sharing stories like this one helps build awareness. If you have a healthcare story to tell, please consider sharing it at the following link: #UniteForHealthCare -insert Savanna Braun’s graphic- 
  • Ann worries every day about how to pay for the medicine she needs to stay healthy. Our main concern when we’re sick should be getting better, not how to pay for #prescriptions. It’s time to #EndHighDrugPrices. #UniteForHealthCare -insert Ann Flynt’s graphic-
  • Catherine would not be alive today without lowered drug prices. Unfortunately, she has had to sacrifice so much financially just to pay for medications. #EndHighDrugPrices #UniteForHealthCare -insert Catherine Horine’s graphic- 
  • Antroinette’s daughter died needlessly because she had to ration #insulin. Her other daughter also lives with diabetes and Antroinette lives in fear every day. #UniteForHealthCare -insert Antroinette Worsham’s graphic-
  • Over the years, Craig Miller has rationed #insulin, ordered insulin from other countries, and traveled a long distance in search of free samples. Now he needs to spend more than $800 a month – almost as much as he pays in rent – to stay alive #UniteForHealthCare -insert Craig Miller’s graphic-
  • Millions of people share @Olas_Truth’s plight. #EndHighDrugPrices #UniteForHealthCare -insert Ola Ojewumi’s graphic-
  • “I am one of millions of disabled Americans with #healthinsurance, but I’m not the only one who can’t afford to pay for my medication… even with health insurance” – @Olas_Truth. #rx #prescriptiondrugs #Thursday30 #UniteForHealthCare
  • “#PrescriptionDrugPrices in this country are out of control. We need Congress to step up and pass a comprehensive #healthcare bill dealing with this, and other vital health care issues.” Paul Gibbs (@entitled2life) #UniteForHealthCare
  • Wall Street forecasts a windfall in revenues for companies making #COVID19 treatments while America’s families are rationing life-saving #rx & making impossible tradeoffs to keep a roof over their heads & food on the table. #UniteForHealthCare
  • At the same time that American families are rationing medicines and making impossible trade-offs to keep a roof over their heads, companies are increasing  #drugprices on arbitrary and unjustified grounds. #UniteForHealthCare
  • In early 2020, drug companies raised prices on a record-setting 900 drugs while America’s families were rationing medicines while the pandemic crashed down around us. #UniteForHealthCare
  • #Highdrugprices & unrelenting price increases come from a broken system that allows unchecked industry abuses. The current policies protect Big Pharma – not people – making medicines unaffordable for America’s families. #UniteForHealthCare
  • 8 in 10 voters say the health care system’s rules are rigged in favor of drug and insurance companies & worry that Congress won’t do enough to actually #lowerdrugprices. #rx #prescriptiondrugs #UniteForHealthCare
  • The current health care system incentivizes profits and loopholes, not saving lives. Our laws mean that the drug industry can spend more time taking advantage of patent laws than creating new, better medicine. #rx #prescriptiondrugs #UniteForHealthCare
  • Families across America deserve to actually benefit from the hundreds of billions of their taxpayer dollars invested in #COVID19 vaccines & treatments and every single drug developed from 2010-2019. #rx #prescriptiondrugs #UniteForHealthCare
  • Americans are asking for help w/ #highdrugprices! Nearly 9/10 voters want the federal government to take action to #lowerdrugprices & 9/10 employers see #drugprices as among the greatest threat to affordability of #healthcoverage for employees. #UniteForHealthCare
  • Families desperate to find a treatment for Alzheimer’s were hurt by the approval of #aducanumab, a drug that demonstrates no clear clinical benefit. #UniteForHealthCare
  • Voters in both parties are concerned that Congress won’t go far enough to lower #drugprices & continue to allow drug CEOs to make meds too expensive for us. Check out our polling here: #rx #UniteForHealthCare
  • America’s families are still waiting for Congress to #lowerdrugcosts. The longer we wait the more #prescriptiondrugs prices will keep going up while more people die #rx


  • Systemic racism like having jobs that offer no paid sick time and making junk foods cheaper puts Black & Latino/a ppl at higher risk of hypertension & diabetes. Then, #BigPharma’s price gouging of the meds they need blocks them from accessing treatment. #UniteForHealthCare
  • To address the root causes of systemic racism on people’s health, the federal government must make meaningful investments in broad, multiagency social justice reforms. #healthequity #UniteForHealthCare
  • Our health should not depend on who we love or what gender we identify as. #LGBTQ+ ppl in America often face stigma, systemic trauma, and hate that leads to #healthinequalities. Now, & always, we must fight to ensure our #LGBTQ+ friends have true #healthequity. #UniteForHealthCare
  • The pandemic has shown us exactly how pervasive racial #healthdisparities are in America. We must stand up for #racialjustice in health. Congress has a historic chance to really address this issue with @SenateBudget’s reconciliation package. #UniteForHealthCare
  • #HealthEquity policy solutions must address access to #healthcare and the factors that shape health in order to have the greatest impact. Join us, let’s dedicate ourselves to passing major #healthequity policy in 2021. #UniteForHealthCare
  • Our health starts with where we live, work, and play. Addressing #healthinequities in America means investing in strong communities. #UniteForHealthCare
  • No woman should have to fear dying in childbirth. However Black women are 3 to 4 times more likely to experience a pregnancy-related death than white women. We need to really change to achieve #healthequity in #maternalhealth #UniteForHealthCare
  • Speaking another language shouldn’t mean you can’t get the health care you need. Yet nearly 6/10 Latino/a adults are unable to communicate with their doctors due to language barriers. #MedicalInterpreters are a needed resource that needs to be made available. #UniteForHealthCare
  • Inadequate data collection means that few people know #COVID19 deaths among Asian American and Pacific Islander communities are 4x the rate of the overall population. As longstanding inequities & anti-Asian bias persist, action is necessary #healthequity. #UniteForHealthCare
  • Black, Indigenous, and People of Color #BIPOC are not receiving access to the vaccinations proportionate to either their share of the population or their risk of illness and death. The Biden admin must engage local leaders in the effort to increase access.
  • Applications are open for @FamiliesUSA’s #HealthEquity Academy in System Transformation! This is the place to get intensive, in-depth subject matter training from national experts in health equity policy. Join us and help make a difference


  • Health care is top of mind for America’s families. As Washington considers its next move, the majority of Republican, Democrat and Independent voters say health care should be a high priority for @POTUS & Congress THIS YEAR. #UniteForHealthCare
  • All of us should have the opportunity to live a healthy life and receive high-quality, #AffordableHealthCare no matter our race, ethnicity, gender, location, or identity. New polling shows that voters want to see action. #UniteForHealthCare
  • No one in this country should ever have to worry that they can’t afford #healthcare or choose between filling a prescription and putting food on the table. Polls show voters agree & want action this year. #UniteForHealthCare
  • Our concern if we get sick should be getting better, not how to pay for it. Abuses by insurance & drug industries mean millions of us pay a fortune for care—or go without. Roughly 9/10 voters want action to lower #RxPrices and #HealthCareCosts.
  • More than 8/10 voters believe the #healthcare system today works more for the benefit of the insurance and drug industries than the average person. #UniteForHealthCare
  • Our health should not depend on our wealth. Healthy individuals & families are key to realizing a thriving economy and resilient communities. As our nation rebuilds, we need to make sure all families can afford health care they need. #UniteForHealthCare
  • Families across America need health care solutions. With #DrugPrices rising out of control, unaffordable premiums/deductibles, and huge gaps in coverage like dental care, health is out of reach for many. Polls show voters agree & want action this year.#UniteForHealthCare
  • #Health is infrastructure. Equity is vital. No matter our race, wealth, or geography, we all need #affordable #healthcare, including #prescriptions. #UniteForHealthCare