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Top Five Blogs So Far in 2016

By Talia Schmidt,


We know you have a lot going on, and there isn’t always time to read everything. That’s why we’ve rounded up five of our most popular blogs published between January and March of this year:

1. Health Insurance and Taxes: A Quick Guide
Everyone must report their health insurance status on their taxes. This blog and accompanying infographic explain which form people should look for and what information to include on tax returns. Happy tax filing!

2. Uninsured in Virginia: Lori’s Story
Virginia is one of 19 states that have not expanded Medicaid. This leaves millions of residents, like Lori, without any affordable health insurance options.

3. Health Insurance Mergers: Questions Consumers Want Answered
The proposed mergers of several large health insurance companies have implications for consumers’ access to health care. Our health policy experts pose key questions that regulators should answer before approving any mergers.

4. Three Reasons to Follow Up with Consumers about Their Health Insurance
Throughout open enrollment, navigators and assisters work hard to help as many people as possible sign up for health insurance. Following up with people year-round allows consumers to ask questions about their coverage, which can ultimately help them get the care they need.

5. Why States Should Suspend Medicaid for People During Incarceration
With so many states expanding Medicaid, many people stand to gain health insurance, including those recently released from jail or prison. Some states “suspend” Medicaid for people entering incarceration, which makes it much easier for people to re-enroll once they are released. Check out our infographic that shows which states have adopted this smart policy.