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Webinar: Combating Health Disparities through Equitable Development


The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed even more deeply the health inequities that impact our communities. These disparities are profoundly influenced by legacies of segregation and disinvestment that fueled inequities in opportunity, health, and well-being even before the COVID-19 crisis. The community development industry was originally founded during the civil rights movement in response to discriminatory lending practices, and are responsible for investments in health clinics, affordable housing, cooperatively owned grocery stores, and more.

In Combating Health Disparities through Equitable Development, learn what the industry’s role is in our current moment, and how advocates for health and economic justice can better collaborate to address shared goals

Featured Speakers:

  • Amber Hewitt, Ph.D., Director of Health Equity, Families USA
  • Lauren Rosenbaum, MS, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Families USA
  • Ruth Thomas-Squance, Ph.D., MPH, Director of Field Building, Build Healthy Places Network
  • Renae A. Badruzzaman, MPH, Program Manager, Build Healthy Places Network
  • Ashley Hernandez, MSc., Communications and Outreach Specialist, Build Healthy Places Network