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What’s at Stake for Health Care in the 2018 Elections


he 2018 elections will be critical in determining whether health care options are available for families and adults for years to come. With Medicaid expansion ballot initiatives, governors’ races, and elections with party control of state legislatures hanging in the balance, the future of health care has never been a more critical issue at the voting booth at the state level. What’s more, the Congressional midterms will have a critical influence on the future of the Affordable Care Act and the structure of the Medicaid program as we know it. This webinar outlines what’s at stake for health care in the 2018 elections and how health care advocates and consumers can take action to elevate health care messages in the weeks leading up to the election.

Featured Families USA speakers on this webinar include:
Patrick Willard, Senior Director of State and National Strategic Partnerships, Families USA
Shawn Gremminger, Senior Director of Federal Affairs, Families USA
Claire McAndrew, Director of Campaigns and Partnerships, Families USA