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Why does Oklahoma Medicaid Expansion matter?


Steve Goldman

OKLAHOMA, #MedicaidExpansion is here! Right now, you can enroll in health coverage that will start on July 1. You can use this health insurance to cover preventative care, behavioral and mental health services, prescription medications and so much more. Check out MySoonerCare.org or call 1-800-987-7767 to get enrolled today.

Damita Price

On July 1, Medicaid Expansion will begin and bring health coverage to thousands of Oklahomans. Damita tells us why this is necessary for families across Oklahoma.

“This Medicaid expansion is needed. This Medicaid expansion will help people just like me who have situations similar to mine and some may be much worse.”

Colleen Stice

Why does Oklahoma Medicaid Expansion matter?

Medicaid coverage allows parents, like Colleen, to afford necessary services that support their child’s health and well-being. Hear more of her experiences in this video.