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Webinar: Improving Affordability and Coverage in the Individual Market


Innovators from across the states discuss time-sensitive opportunities for state advocates to significantly improve affordability of coverage in the individual market.

Experts discuss opportunities around state replacement of the federal health insurance assessment. More than $14 billion in annual revenue is available, and without increasing the amount that insurers now pay, states can retain current assessments on insurers that operate within state borders, return the money to the state, and use it to make health insurance more affordable in the individual market.

Additionally, in most of the country insurers are aggressively under-pricing silver exchange plan coverage and making up the difference by raising premiums on plans at other levels. If metal-level premiums were realigned as required by the ACA, millions of consumers would obtain more affordable coverage and many now in high-deductible plans could move to plans with much lower deductibles while paying less in premiums.

To listen to the webinar, click the link above.

Featured Speakers:

  • Stan Dorn, National Center for Coverage Innovation & Senior Fellow, Families USA
  • Colin Baillio, Director of Policy and Communications, Health Action New Mexico
  • John-Pierre Cardenas, Health Policy Advisor, former Policy Director, Maryland Health Benefits Exchange
  • Greg Fann, Consulting Actuary, Axene Health Partners, LLC