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Webinar: State Health Coverage Strategies for COVID 19


As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, there are many state-level policy options that can help to address our communities’ needs. While awaiting additional federal support, many governors, state legislators, Medicaid agencies, and state insurance regulators are already leveraging states’ existing authorities to expand health coverage and improve access to care.

Learn more about what states can and are doing to strengthen Medicaid and private insurance coverage.

Featured Speakers:

  • Lisa Hunter, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Families USA
  • Eliot Fishman, Senior Director of Health Policy, Families USA
  • Joe Weissfeld, Director of Medicaid Initiatives, Families USA
  • Cheryl Fish-Parcham, Director of Access Initiatives, Families USA
  • Suzanne Curry, Behavioral Health Campaign and Policy Director, Health Care for All

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