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Valuable Voices,
     Powerful Stories

Valuable Voices,
     Powerful Stories

People’s Experience

At Families USA, we share a conviction that the people — a patient, consumer, or advocate — should be at the forefront of our mission to achieve improved health and health care for all.

Our goal is to bring storytellers like you into the conversation, so policymakers better understand who we are advocating for, and why these changes are so important.

You are the voice, the face, and the push behind the policy, and your story matters.

Health Care Coverage

People in every state deserve access to affordable, equitable, and comprehensive health coverage that meets their needs. But, too many people in America are falling through the cracks in our system, leaving them paying too much for too little care, or not able to afford any insurance at all. Choose a story below to learn more about coverage experiences.
Donna’s Dental Dilemma: A Fight for Coverage and Answers

When teacher Donna Calhoun bit into an apple and lost a tooth, she did not expect the dental emergency and bureaucratic nightmare that followed. With a Cigna dental PPO plan from her former employer, which she had been paying into for a decade, she expected coverage, but finding an available appointment in-network proved difficult as her condition worsened, leading to a fever and infection.

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No Returns on Insurance Investment

After going off his parents insurance, Nate quickly chose a new insurance plan, but later realized it was a junk short-term plan, covering very little and with high copays and other costs. The providers of Nate's old plan were recently sued by the FTC for providing junk coverage, and he recieved money from the settlement.

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Life-Saving Credits for Coverage

Holly and her family had employer-sponsered insurance through her husband's work, so they worried what would happen when her husband was laid-off. With the help of advance premium tax credits (APTCs) Holly's family has good, affordable coverage with tax credits to pay for monthly premiums.

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Health Equity

Everyone in America should have the opportunity to live their healthiest life no matter who we are, where we are from, or where we live. Our current health care system does not make improved health for all its primary focus, particularly for Black and brown communities, immigrants, LGBTQ+ people, and other historically oppressed groups. Choose a story below to learn more about health equity experiences.
Honoring the Whole Person: Kea’s Birth Experience

Kea had a plan. Pregnant with her first child, she knew she wanted a natural birth, and she wanted her birth experience to be an experience that was unique to her. However, she felt dismissed by doctors when she made requests, and ignored at appointments. Kea switched to a birth center, and everything changed for the better.

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Challenges of COVID-19 Testing Criteria

Tamara's 18 month old grandson fell ill with a slight cough and signs mirroring COVID-19, but was not tested by his pediatrician. After his oxygen levels dropped, he was taken to the ER but was still not tested for COVID-19 due to not meeting testing criteria.

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Health Care Value

As a nation, we spend over $4 trillion each year on health care, but our health and health care are not improving. More than half of Americans are worried about affording health care and a third are forced to choose between paying the rent check or the grocery bill, and their medical bills. We deserve better, higher-quality health care. Choose a story below to learn more health care value experiences.
Why Don't We Know, Before We Go?

When she was 16 years old Christine needed a life-saving surgery at a childrens hospital out-of-state. The hours long ambulance ride resulted in an over $5,000 surprise bill that her parents weren't prepared for, placing a heavy financial toll on the family. How can patients be protected from these surprise bills?

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Treat Me, the Person, Not Just My Symptoms

After several years of struggling and meeting with numerous doctors, Laura was finally diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. The prescriptions needed for her condition are not covered by her insurance, despite appeals by her doctors. Laura is faced with the difficult choice of paying for food, or paying for medication.

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Financial Tolls of a Persistent Illness

Sue and John own a small business, but with Sue's rhumetoid arthritis they struggled to pay for high health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs. When receiving care they were not informed of pricing, and expected to blindly pay thousands of dollars for treatment. John and Sue had to sacrifice milestone celebrations, like their 20th anniversary trip to pay for their outrageous medical bills.

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